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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SpectroMagic Parade

One of the big things I didn't want to miss was the totally cool SpectroMagic night parade at Magic Kingdom. It was one of the few memories I had from my Disneyworld visit when I was 8. I also remember the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad & Space Mountain.

There are tons of parades all throughout the day in most of the parks, but this nighttime parade with lights is really spectacular.

The parade opens with much fanfare....

And starts of with Mickey conducting the whole orchestra! I loved all the music and Disney songs that accompanied each float.

Who doesn't love a giant metronome? And Goofy playing the timpani drums!

It's a bit hard to tell, but that's a saxophone and a violin.

Next up was a grand piano- I can't remember who was playing!

After the musical introduction, we started getting into floats from some of the movies. I have no idea where this peacock was from!

Again, like everything Disney, so much attention to detail and over-whelming visuals.

This fish were adorable- they'd go back and forth across the streets & "visit" little kids.

Some type of fairy princess or maybe a godmother?

And more of the Aerial from the Little Mermaid.

Cinderella came out in an all-white carriage, but within a few seconds it turned into a colorful float with lots of fun lights.

The light-bright carousel ponies were actually moving around in circles on the float.

Some of the dwarfs made an appearance.

From Peter Pan, Captain Hook was there.

And, closing the show was Minnie Mouse on her all-white float, that suddenly changed into....

A multi-color float. This parade was probably one of my favorite things at the park.

After the parade ended, we made a beeline through the gift shops to get great seats for our Wishes fireworks show.

We had the perfect spot to watch the fireworks show & see Tinkerbell fly through the air.

As the show progressed, the castle would change colors to match the mood of the music.

I thought this fireworks show was much better than the one at Epcot!

We are officially finished with Disney posts! :) I had a great time- and it was so nice to go as an adult & enjoy the parks before having kids. I didn't think I'd have as much fun as I did, but I'd highly recommend it at least once for all adults.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Lots of traveling this week for work- San Antonio, Corpus Christi & McAllen.

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