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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Everything Else DC

After fighting the crowds since 5AM, we finished off our inauguration day at a hibachi grill with some Appletinis. I've still got my long undewear on, my long sleeve shirt, my Obama shirt and my scarf! Don't ask my why it looks like I have a crown on my head...

In the frantic rush to flee the Capitol after hours of standing for the inauguration, the streets were packed with people making their way home & vendors hawking all types of paraphernalia.

We did walk by many beautiful buildings, lots of fir coats and not many people dressed in camo.

I was surprised at how close the Supreme Court was to the White House. I'd love to go back and take a tour one day.

We ate twice in Chinatown & had good luck finding restaurants that weren't packed to the rafters.

Leaving the ceremony, we walked past the back of the capitol and could see the staging grounds for dozens of motor buses and military personnel and ambulances.

I thought this was a gorgeous photo that H captured the night before the inauguration.

I'd never seen so many buildings that were old, stately and gorgeous in the United States. I'd seen lots of them in Europe and South America, but it was neat seeing this giants here finally.

The guys having a drink at Capitol City Brewing.

H & I all bundled up for the cold & I'm proudly sporting my Obama-gear.

One of my favorite parts of the trek to DC was getting to meet up with some old friends- her and her. We'd have had a great time anyway, but this overly-friendly bartender took it upon himself to order us a round of Grand Marnier every time we ordered a round of mimosas!

I was totally fascinated by the Metro. It's been a while since I've rode on nice public-transit & the engineer in me loved all the under-ground tunnels.

I think it freaked H out a bit everytime we went down the escalator several hundred feet.

Just some beautiful buildings cause they were there when we were taking a lovely stroll in downtown DC.

Who knew the Department of Commerce was so beautiful?

I'd love to go to the Holocaust Museum one day, but the lines were out the door and around the block when we walked by on Wednesday.

Even the Agriculture department has a beautiful, old building.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: All technology upgrades are completed, now I just need to learn how to use them!


Christy said...

I've enjoyed your D.C. pics! I can't wait to visit there...:sigh: one of these days.
I love your 'Texans for Obama' Tee. And what a great pic of you, Allison & Carmen! Yay for gtgs!!!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Oh, wow the D.C. subway -- I haven't seen that in years. It brings back memories of many trips when I was a kid!

But ... why does it look like you have a crown on your head? ;-)