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Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Going to Disneyworld!

I'm going to Disneyworld next weekend! I can't believe how this snuck up on me. Between Christmas holidays, the inauguration in DC, our anniversary trip in Cozumel and getting all the final details in place for Africa for May, I totally neglected to do ANY planning for my trip.

I'm going with a girlfriend of mine who wanted to run the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. I'd never really had any desire to go as an adult- I mostly wanted to avoid all the kids. We booked our hotel and airfare a while back, but now I need a plan of attack for the parks! I'm suddenly so excited and over-whelmed with all the choices & our very limited time there.

We arrive in Orlando at 1:30 Friday, then need to go to the Expo to pick up our race gear. We're going to try to get to Epcot that night since it's open an extra hour & also see the fireworks.

Saturday, Animal Kingdom opens early, so we'll hit up that park and then head over to MGM. We've got the park hopper pass, so we might go back to Epcot since we won't have much time there on Friday evening.

We've got to get back to our hotel pretty early because the half-marathon starts early + daylight savings time + east coast time! The race course looks fun & we're totally just running it to have a blast- no PR's are going to be set.

Hopefully we'll be done with the race, showered & back out at the parks by noon. We're going to hit up Magic Kingdom Sunday afternoon. We want to see the night parade & the fireworks, plus the park is open really late Sunday night.

How does this plan sound? Any suggestions? Rides not to miss? Tips Advice? I'm all ears ;)

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Happy hour with the moms tonight.


Ashley said...

I definitely definitely definitely recommend devoting a more significant amount of time to Epcot. :) Epcot could consume DAYS, and IMO, is definitely the coolest park. :) Everyone I know whose ever been there loved EPCOT, and wished they had devoted more time to it. Animal Kingdom was my least favorite, and is a pretty small park, so I think you could easily cut some time there, as well as at MGM. I think, with the use of the magic pass, you could probably do Animal Kingdom and MGM in the morning, then devote the rest of your afternoon to EPCOT.

And definitely take advantage of the magic pass. It's a glorious, glorious thing. :)

Have fun!

Christy said...

Have fun!
I'm hoping to make it there for my birthday this July!

Liz said...

Former DW knottie here, and terrible blog lurker.... Anywho, some advice from someone that grew up in FL and has been to Disney, many, many times.
Magic Kingdom: Avoid in the afternoon at all costs. The stroller wars will kill you. Most of the kiddies poop out by late afternoon (like 3:30-4ish), so you should be safe to go then. Definately do Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain (my faves)
Animal Kingdom: As said above a small park...go early (like opening of the gates to avoid kids and crowds). Cute, but not necessary to see if you run out of time.
MGM (or Hollywood Studios): Can be fun. I haven't been here since they did a big revamp though so I'm not totally sure what is and is not there still.
Epcot: The most fun park to go to as an adult. We always go planning on just doing lunch in one of the countries before heading to another park and we ALWAYS end up staying till closing. You can get drinks in almost all the countries (wine in France, beer in Germany, margarita in Mexico); definately stop by the Rose and Crown in England.

Hope this helps some!