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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flying Over Florida

I was in Florida for work last week & had some fun taking photos out the window with my new camera. The Jacksonville airport is pretty nice in case you were wondering. :)

I didn't actually get to visit Jacksonville, as we drove straight to Gainsville, but it looked like a neat little city & I love being near the water.

I loved seeing all the citrus farms as we flew over. They looked like normal forests from 30K feet, but I could tell they must be some type of crop by the neatly arranaged rows. I'm betting the farmers were very nervous as the temperatures dropped into the LOW 20's that night!

The sky was pretty overcast/hazy this day, and I quickly learned why. We flew over several fires. They appeared to be controlled burns, but it was amazing how much smoke each one could create.

I thought this was a neat photo of some unique clouds and the sunset reflection on a lake.

I was also a bit puzzled by this lake. We don't have any perfectly round lakes where I'm from. Is this some type of old quarry or a crater or geologic formation?

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: 24 hours and counting till I'm on a plane to Mexico..can you tell I'm excited?

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