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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Senior Year of High School, Part 2

Continuing my 25 Q&A's about my high school years. Here's a photo of the kids and how small they were. Dad had just moved into his house that year and I saw the kids much less because I was a busy teenager!

16. Who was/were your favorite teacher? Probably my math teacher that I had for "advisory", Pre-Calculus and Calculus- Mrs. Toon

17. Where did you sit during lunch? Usually just with the people I had classes with- that would be the nerdy gang.

Target practice at boyfriends property in east Texas

18. What was your school's full name? It's the Internet..if I told you, I'd have to shot you!

Me with Mom & John the day of graduation

19. When did you graduate? May of 1998

20. What was your school mascot? Falcon

One one of our (in)famous camping trips Martin Dies State Park

21. If you could go back and do it again, would you? No not really, being a teenage is tough. I enjoyed college much more. ;)

Cause I love my mom a whole lot more now than my actual prom date ;)

22. Did you have fun at Prom? Again, no not really- I hung out with the wrong crowd of friends & boyfriend. We did have fun in Galveston afterwards though.

One of my friends & fellow volleyball players I went to prom with; recently reconnected

23. Do you still talk to the person you went to Prom with? I did continue to talk to him on & off for few years. He recently friended me on Facebook

24. Are you planning on going to your next reunion? Yup, later this month is 10 years!

25. Do you still talk to people from school? I've recently reconnected with a few girls & am connected to lots via facebook. The reunion should be interesting to see if any old friendships are reconnected.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We've got tickets to Rascal Flats at the Rodeo again this year!


Dennis the Vizsla said...

I wouldn't want to be whatever it was you were aiming at!

Christy said...

Going through old pics is so fun.
Have fun tonight!