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Friday, February 13, 2009

Over the Gulf Coast

On the flight back from Jacksonville, we flew just above the Gulf Coast. I'm gussing this city, situated on a lovely stretch of beach, is probably Panama City or Pensacola.

I loved this little barrier island. I could see the bright blue waters lapping at the beaches on one side and the strange brown water creating unusual patterns on the other side.

This looks like an area near Destin. What do you think? I was amazed at the miles of white beaches & beautiful water. Oh, and the ice that formed on my window ;)
I'm again puzzled by this circular coast lines on this bay/inlet and how they formed.

It was also pretty entertaining to see how the landscaped changed as you approached it (reflections from the sun) and once you were right over it (photo above this photo is the same area).

This remote island, with its expansive beaches, looked like the perfect place to camp away from it all.

This was a neat little island that was packed with people in the middle of the week and there were tons of cars that could be seen. I'm guessing it's a state park or rec area.

We even flew over the Big Easy. I don't think we're going to make it this year for Jazz Fest (very big :(( ) Might have to take a weekend trip some other time.

The new camera has an "airplane mode" which did pretty well taking photos. It's obviously not my dSLR, but a heck of a lot easier to tote around on top of all my work equipment. The colors from all airplane photos tend to be washed out and low contrast, but you can do some funky stuff with post-processing. Flying over, I imagined this was some remote island in the Indian Ocean (and not the coast of Louisiana).

And just as we were flying of the marshes and swamps of Louisiana, my battery died. Taking a swamp tour is still on list of things we want to see...some day.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: With all this beautiful beach talk, I can't wait to see some real beaches and my first *really, really* blue water!

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