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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008, Round 1

These photos are a bit out of order, but I'm still trying to figure out how Blogger works in Safari. Blogger had been importing all the photos in reverse order, but I can't re-arrange them in Safari like I could in Internet Explorer. I took several photos with my dad, but I liked this silly one the best.
We started our Christmas festivities at my dad's house where we exchanged presents with the kids before the rest of the family arrived to feast and fest.

My brother received some things for his Xbox 360, but also received a very nice ring from James Avery. It's neat because it's the same ring my dad gave to me when I was about Hunter's age. I wore it until I got an engagement ring from H. :)

There were clearly 2 photographers in this photo. Dad looks at me and the kids look at Brenda! Haley got a sweet little camera for Christmas. It's very similar to my other camera, so hopefully she'll have some great photos too.

H got just what he wanted- a nice power tool set to start his collection. I'm hoping he'll have no (or at least fewer) excuses when I'm ready to work on some projects around the house.
I didn't get too many good photos because the rest of the family started arriving in the middle of our gift opening bonanza. From this photo you can clearly tell it was about 80 outside, but boots were the appropriate footwear.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: A nice cold front has made it feel like winter again.

1 comment:

Christy said...

I use FireFox and it has still been posting pics backwards. It wasn't doing this before. Weird.

What is it with men and power tools? :D