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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Sorry for the very sporadic posting. Life has quieted down on the blog-worthy front, but we've still been super-busy with the more mundane things of life like work and chores. Hopefully this week, I'll have blogs up about our Christmas tree decorating, saying good-bye to the old Explorer, saying hello to our new car, Grandma's 82nd birthday & the AC/DC concert tonight.
This is the last of the boys at Dewberry Farms & it's slightly out of order. The boys could barely hang on to these sacks as I spun then swing around. After 2 of the 4 fell off, I hustled them along to the next activity.

I think these zip lines were their favorite thing to do there.

They are usually pretty good about taking turns, but sometimes sibling rivalry gets the best of them.
Little Joe was a little too small for even the shortest zip line. I had to start out giving him several good running starts & still occasionally go rescue him when he was stuck in the middle.

Or just bring the bar back to the end when the boys dropped off in the middle of the ride.

They all had a great time here & it wasn't very crowded early in the day.

Joe was getting the hang of after a few minutes.

This little girl was following the boys around & trying to show them up by riding the zip line faster than them!

Such happy faces...

Um...I think you are too big for this ride H!

And when you get bored of riding, you race your brother from one end to the other.

And of course the wipe-outs. All-in-all, we had an awesome time & I'd highly recommend this place for all kids.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Going Back in Black tonight on the Highway to Hell.

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