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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Clashing Concerts

This month we've attended two very different concerts- AC/DC and The Eagles. Let me start by saying that the Eagles were rescheduled from a concert that was originally to take place as Hurricane Ike hit town.
AC/DC was loud and rowdy right from the start- including this giant train engine that was smoking on stage most of the night.

I know a few of the very popular songs, but wouldn't really consider myself a huge fan. I was highly amused by the very talented guitarist who proceeded to strip from his *unusual* outfit and then play the rest of the concert in only his shoes & shorts.

Lots of fire & lots of very loud! Despite their age, these guys were still rocking and rolling like there was no tomorrow.

Near the end the had a very special klassy blow-up doll with ripped garters, an array of tattoos and money sticking out of her bra.

The place was packed & there were some very excited concert goers that night. The show ended with a row of giant cannons repeatedly firing off shots.
And then we had the Eagles concert. It couldn't have been any more opposite in style and substance. Nice happy scenes like this backdrop for Hotel California and a bunch of very mellow old men.

They put on a great show & sang more songs than I remembered them singing. It was enjoyable, but a bit low-key.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Merry Christmas Eve everybody! We're visiting lots of family & eating lots of food this evening.

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