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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Belated Merry Christmas

It's been a VERY busy few days around here!  This is what our tree looked like before all the mayhem and madness of Christmas with my dad's family & Christmas with H's mom's friends on Christmas eve and then our own little Christmas at our house Christmas morning before heading to my mom's house and then back to H's mom's house!  

I've also been very tied up because H gave me my Christmas present early when he bought me a new iMac last Saturday!  I really just wanted a new monitor for my 3.5 year old computer, and I was totally not expecting to get a whole new computer, much less a freaking awesome 24" iMac! I've been busy transferring all my files over and trying to learn Mac-world.  I'm loving how fast it is with my photos and how awesome it will be to have our whole music library running from iTunes.

I've got several hundred photos to go through from all these events & lots of fun toys to share, but I wanted to post a few of these that I took of Zoe last week when I was sitting on the floor doing all of my wrapping.

There is much photography fun to be had with a Christmas decorations and a dog in a sweater.
And in other news, my mom had to take my step-dad to the emergency room Christmas night.  Both he & Gram were feeling ill yesterday morning, so she took them both to the doctor.  They discovered that John has some extremely clogged arteries in his legs, which were causing tremendous pain and swelling.  They have done surgery to remove some of the clots & are continuing some chemical injections today to try to remove the rest of the clots today.  I'm trying to keep an eye on Gram, who is staying at mom's house while recovering from her recent hospital stays.    

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: H is off to Shreveport to visit his friend, so I've got a whole day to play around with my iMac. 


April Ziegler said...

Happy Holidays! What an awesome gift... Love my iMac =)

Christy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your stepdad and grandma. They'll be in my thoughts.
Yay for a new Mac! I'm sad because I have to send my MacBook Air back for repairs or replacement. :(

Amanda said...

Happy Holidays! Your stepdad will be in my prayers. On a fun note...I got a Mac as well this Christmas..the little Mac Mini since we already have a monitor. I'll be in the same boat having fun playing with a new platform. :)