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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Revenge of the Yearbook

While re-doing my office, I spent some time re-visiting my old year books. I have all 4 monstrosities to document my angst-filled teenage years, plus the special senior memories book filled with my own photos and moments from my final year of high school.

I've recently found a website for all the alumni of my High School, and it's been great to see where everybody is at and who they have become. This May marked the 10th anniversary of getting out of the awkward phase of my life called high school. I dug out all my yearbooks the other day and had a fun time reminiscing the trauma of my teenage years.

I played volleyball all 4 years and really enjoyed it, even if I still have recurring nightmares about our coach and practices. Although I'm serving the ball in this photo, I was the "setter" for those who are familiar with volleyball. I made some great friends playing ball, and went onto play in college for a few years in Georgia. (Please excuse the awful photos I took of the actual yearbook pages.)

Ahh...the famous "Senior Portraits" I guess it could be worse, but since everybody had the same awful pose, it's not too bad.

I played volleyball all 4 years. This is a picture of the Junior Varsity team in the fall of 1993, when I was a sophomore. I think those long-sleeved jerseys had been on their way out for at least 5 years at that point. (I'm on the back row, second from the left).

This was us the same year, sporting our much cooler short-sleeve uniforms. Too bad you can't see the giant falcon statue behind us!

I'm guessing this photo must have been the fall of 1996, when I was on the varsity team as a Junior. Bizarre stripped jerseys & spandex biker shorts, all topped off with knee pads! It was a tough year that still brings back nightmares sometimes. (That's me in the middle- #9)
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: My sister made the 7th grade volleyball team, and is carrying on the family tradition.

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