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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Teens & Cell Phones

This is my sister's prized possession- her cell phone. She got it a few weeks before her birthday & has been inseparable from it ever since. In the 7th grade & turning 13, she was one of the last of her friends to have the luxury that I didn't get until college.

Everywhere I turned at her party, the kids were texting away like mad.....

And of course, most of the girls had their phones accessorized.

Flip phones and slide phones and blackberries....I didn't see any iphones though :)

It's amazing to me to see how this generation will adapt and use this technology. It will change their lives and I'm sure they would be lost without it.

I must admit, I'm fully into the Internet world and can't imagine life without it, and we're a "no land line" household with only cell phones.

Get a funny picture- show a friend!

Oh the cardinal sin- putting your phone down!

And then of course more teenage cell phone madness at the volleyball game.

I almost feel sorry for teachers who have to compete with these giant distractions.

Even when not in use, they dont' put them down.

And if you must leave it, leave it with a friend so she can hold it for you.

I wonder what the next major techie revolution will be. H & I are very excited for the touch-screen, I-phone like Blackberries to come out this winter. He promises me we can both get one ;)

Last, but not least, my newish Blackberry Pearl, which is a few months old. I was pretty surprised my old blackberry lasted almost a year.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I'm so happy for our lazy Sunday.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

The school where my wife teaches has banned cell phones for this very reason!

Christy said...

It's crazy to think that teens really NEED a cell phone these days. It's getting out of hand. I know an 8 y.o. who has one. Now that's just nuts. :)
D recently got an iPhone and loves it!

Delilah and Rocket said...

We pay for my step-daughters phone on our family plan which support 3people. I cannot believe the minutes/texting she uses. I'd get tendanitis in my finger tips and if she keeps using half the plans minutes for herself she's going to be without a phone real quick!

Courtney said...

13 yr olds have Blackberries? What for? My gosh!