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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Swimming Dogs

Last Saturday, Zoe & I met Tony & Ruby for a little swim time. The water was much too cold for me to get in, but Tony tried to swim with the dogs.

Zoe loves to play the splash game, but Ruby hates having water splashed or splashed at her.

You can see Zoe biting the water and Ruby shying away.

Zoe loved to swim, but not when Ruby is around. Ruby swims on top of Zoe, so Zoe stays as far away from the water when Ruby is around.
We haven't taught Ruby to jump into the water (she uses the stairs). Zoe won't lead by example because she refuses to be in the water with Ruby.

So Tony tried a few times to get her to jump, but without much real success in this area.

Ruby is such a hunter and sniffs everything.

The squirrels come down and drink the water that stays on the rocks, so I'm sure that's what Ruby smelled.

And then she was off to chase a bird in the tree.

Tony, again trying to get Ruby to get in the water.

She could sure put the brakes on and refuse to go one step further into the water.

And then back out as quickly as we got her in....

Then both dogs are running from Tony!

And here's why....

We'll have to try a different strategy next summer to teach her to jump in the pool
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Going to hang out with our friends & watch some football this afternoon.


Laila said...

Don't worry girls, swimming in the pool is super-fun! It took me a long time to be comfortable swimming in the pool, too, but it is really fun once you get in.

To help you, I gave you the Golden Paw award on my blog. I hope it helps you love to swim as much as I do.

Licks and wiggles,

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Tucker hates to swim or get wet. He won't even go out in the rain if he can avoid it. The jury is still out on what Dennis thinks of water ...