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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Star is Born

Although my sister played in a volleyball league this summer, entering 7th grade is her first chance to play for a school team. I made it to one of her games a few weeks ago & enjoyed watching her play.

In the 7th grade, there is an A, B & C teams. She made the B team, which is pretty darn good for not having played before.

I remember the days of this cute hand holding before the serve thing. If you are wondering, they two girls will trade playing positions after the ball is in play.
My sister started in the first game, and she was also subbed in during the 3rd game.
This is one of her good friends in the pippy long stockings, and another of her friends who broke her arm the first week of school.

And when she's not on the court, she's chit chatting with friends.

Showing off a very good "ready" stance for the serve.
There are some very funny moments in beginner volleyball.

The the 3rd game, her team ended up beating my old junior high team.
One of the top qualifications of being a good player at this level is the ability to serve the ball over the net.

Only about 40% of the serves that go over the net are returned by the other team. So just serving the ball over almost always gets you a point.

Haley is doing great & I'm really proud of her. I'm really impressed that she waked up around 5:30 almost every morning, a very big deal for her, to make it to morning practices before school.
And the official, school photo in uniform. I'll have to dig out my uber-embarrassing sports & band portraits soon.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: H is having his best month EVER in sales! Go him :)

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