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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Waterfalls of Doutbtful Sound

Finally- to the highlight of fiordland, the waterfalls!

Being one of the rainiest places on earth, you better expect rain when you are there & realize it's the only way you get all the amazing waterfalls.

The water pours down over the rocks & cliffs like somebody left the faucet running too long.

I don't normally do full size photos in portrait orientation, but these majestic waterfalls begged to be shown in all their gigantic glory. See how tiny the falls make that boat look?

We hung out on the back deck of the boat & were somewhat protected from the driving rain.

The water was coming out with such force that it was projected out away from the wall instead of simply just falling down.

The plants and trees were so bright green- they clearly loved all the rain & the ferns made me feel like I'd stepped back tens of thousands of years into prehistoric times.

These rock wall hovered straight above our heads- the boat could get really close to the shoreline since it was really deep even right close to land.

The water looks for the easiest way to the ocean & finds it on an old avalanche area.

Here a much larger avalanche had taken out a huge swath of trees. What's more amazing to me is that all those other trees are holding onto nothing more than a few cracks in solid rock. Our guide told us that all their roots intertwine to form a network for stability. It works well until a few get too loose & fall- then they call go down together.

Some waterfalls had cascading pools down the mountainside.

It had rained most of the evening & continued raining all morning, so the waterfalls were putting on quite the show.

The power and force of the water pounding on the rocks is impressive.

We even saw a few penguins out swimming & playing in the water.

Truly amazing- no other place like it on earth & one of the highlights of our New Zealand trip.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Photographed some more waterfalls this morning on my jog in downtown Spokane.

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Dennis the Vizsla said...

Wow ... it's almost like another planet.