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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Around Wanaka

Wanaka was a nice, quiet stopover for us after the bustle of Queenstown & the busy days at Doubtful & Milford Sounds. The town is set on the edge of a beautiful lake & surrounded by gorgeous mountains.

While QT was a tourist town, Wanaka seemed to have a much more lived in feel & we got a taste of normal New Zealand life. I have a soft spot for beach with trees- it's the perfect combination.

There were signs of snow on some of the far peaks. It was warm during the day & cool at night. I used the opportunity to sleep with the windows open & go for some awesome morning jogs.

There's a great park that extends a long way along the shoreline. I think you can camp or picnic here. They offered some expeditions like kayaking or fishing down near the marina area.

It was really gorgeous- great lake, beautiful skyline, pleasant breeze.

There are quite a few shops & restaurants in the downtown area, including many with outdoor seating to enjoy the views and the weather.

And that is exactly what we did! There are several areas of New Zealand where they make the majority of the wine, and Wanaka is part of the Central Otago Region.

For almost half a mile, there is a very cool time along the main sidewalk to mark the millennium. Each tile represents a year & the important events for each of the past 2000 years make an entertaining walk.

We enjoyed many things about Wanaka- the slow pace, the great wine, the fun shops, good good, gorgeous scenery & just a few days to lay low before setting off for the West Coast & the glaciers.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: The work in my office is finished & I will hopefully have it all unpacked (finally) this week.

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