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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Around the Adirondacks

Continuing my drive through New York, we headed into the Adirondack mountains.

It was so pleasant to be driving on windy country roads surrounded by the forests.

We spent quite a few miles driving along the Ausable River which made for an entertaining drive.

Photography at its finest- hanging my fancy camera out the window & snapping like crazy- hoping I get a few keepers.

We pulled over a few times & I tried to get close to the river, but the cliffs were pretty steep.

Gotta love rock walls. You really don't see these anywhere outside of New England & I think they are so quaint.

Although there were no Rocky Mountain size mountains, there were still some pretty impressive sheer cliffs around the river.

And the moon was just rising over the mountain ridge for a beautiful drive.

Even early afternoon, mid-week, we saw tons of fly fisherman out in the river looking for the big one.

Our destination was Lake Placid & we drove past many of the winter Olympic facilities in town.

Not too much speed skating going on right now, but there were some people using it as a running track.

Lots of cute, historical buildings around town.

Driving through the main road, it seemed like many other typical tourist towns with lots of shops & restaurants (and of course, tourists everywhere).

Funny enough, most of the town of Lake Placid is actually on Mirror Lake.

And these ski jumps where nowhere near a mountain- I had no idea they were free-standing structures.

I was kind of disappointed that there weren't even mountains big enough for the jump & they had to build a fake mountain.

Headed back towards Burlington, we passed this area where there were tons of dead looking trees.

Anybody know why some many of these trees have no leaves?

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: So nice & quiet at work- getting lots of projects finished.

1 comment:

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Hard to tell at this distance. They might be ash trees; when we lived in NY our ash trees were the last ones to leaf out in the late spring/early summer and among the first ones to drop.

Are you trying to make me book a trip back east to visit the Adirondacks again? ;-)