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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Te Anau Lodge

We spent our night in Te Anau between the Doubtful Sound & Milford Sound at the Te Anau Lodge . Since there are no taxis & we'd left our car in Queenstown for the Real Journey's bus rides, we had to walk to this B&B- which is a pretty good hike out of town with luggage. The RJ bus would have dropped us off, but we wanted to grab lunch & didn't realize it was so far.

The really cool thing about this place is that it's a converted convent that sits on beautiful grounds, surrounded by the mountains.

I'm sure on warm, sunny days- it's great to lay in the grass, stare at the lake, dream about the mountains in the distance. We had to settle for rainy & moody for weather conditions.

We opted for the deluxe room & it was called the Cathedral Room after the mountains that could be viewed out the giant windows.

We sat in bed for a few hours catching up on photos & news, taking a relaxing nap and just listening to the rain as we enjoyed this view of Fiordland.

The furniture is older, but I think it fit right in with the decor of the entire place & the room was nice and spacious.

The bathroom had been fully renovated & was big and bright.

I loved that this place had such a history- the owner told us some great stories, but it was newly remodeled to have all the latest amenities.

Just a peek at one of the other rooms. The owners were SO incredibly nice & friendly. They answered all of our questions, helped us out with stuff in town & even offered to let us borrow their car since it was raining when we headed into town for our Glow Worm Cave Tour.

The dining room was a beautiful room with gorgeous stained glass & breakfast was a huge feast.

The reading room was a nice gathering area with great views & a place for guests to mingle with each other. I think they provided a computer and/or Internet access, light snacks, drinks & free wine! That's a recipe for success :)

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: USA advances in the World Cup...hip hip hooray!

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