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Monday, June 7, 2010

Pounamu Apartments

I usually end my posts about an area with the hotel review, but I'm starting off Queenstown with my review of Pounamu Apartments because it was our absolute favorite place we stayed the entire trip. Forgot to get some outside pictures, but it was the inside that was just lovely. Hardwood floors, a full sleek kitchen, a table, full desk & computer set up.

But this- this view! This is what made it amazing. We'd open up all the doors (windows?) and crank on the fire while sipping on wine and listening to the radio.

The bedroom was a bit elevated and opened up to the same spectacular view over the living room. Lots of room to unpack our clothes for 3 nights & there was a washer and dryer just outside our front door that we shared with the economy unit.

The bathroom had the same modern & sleek feel to it.

We loved our place so much we didn't want to wander down to QT and explore downtown. The place also included Internet access for 1 computer at a time.

My only slight little complaint is that it was on a busy road. During *rush* hour, this road could be very busy with locals and tourist buses, but it wasn't unbearable. By the way- those are The Remarkables in the background. What a great name for a mountain range!

Looking to the right, we had a wonderful view of Lake Wakatipu towards downtown Queenstown.

It was a very manageable 5-10 minute walk downtown along sidewalks. We walked it a few times, but usually took a cab home at the end of the evening rather than walk the slight uphill return.

Seriously awesome & I'd highly recommend this hotel/apartments. It was nice to have space & an amazing view while relaxing. We paid $290NZ a night for the room, which was priced fairly well compared to some of the other places we stayed, especially considering all it included.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We've re-grouped our travel wall photos, ordered 2 new cool frames, ordered new prints & I can't wait to hang out collage.


Christy said...

Sweet house, sweet view.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Looks gorgeous! But, umm, isn't the balcony lacking a railing? *faints*