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Monday, June 21, 2010

Outside Burlington

While up in the Northeast a few weeks back, we were based out of Burlington, VT. It's quite a quaint little town & we really enjoyed hanging out in the college town. My downtown photos came out pretty bleh, but I took some good ones across the river in New York.

We had to wait for the ferry (such a strange concept to me!) & so we grabbed dinner at the above restaurant and were treated to a very cool early evening rainbow.

The ferry wasn't too busy- we just parked our car in line, walked over & enjoyed a nice dinner on Lake Champlain.

Although it was mid-May, the summer ferry in the center of the lake wasn't running yet.

These are the infamous Adirondacks! They'd been on my list of places to check out & I finally was able to see them. We spent a few hours driving around & I'll have those photos posted probably sometime this year.

Flying out of Burlington, I got some great shots of Lake Champlain- there are all sorts of coves and inlets along the shoreline.

These tiny islands were so cute...I wonder if anybody owns them. I wonder if they ever get flooded. I wonder if the lake freezes over in the winter. So many questions & no answers!

The Adirondacks looked so pretty with all its green trees and foothills.

We even flew over the tiny little ferry port & dock house restaurant where we had dinner.

This is the gorgeous sunset from my hotel room in Burlington. It's a hippie college town & they have a very nice pedestrian walkway with shops, restaurants, bars and art galleries for browsing.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: No more work travel for 2 weeks!

1 comment:

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Burlington's a nice town. That's where I first had sushi. An old relative of mine (Ethan Allen) lived near there back in the day, too. And now I miss the Adirondacks. *sniff*