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Friday, June 11, 2010

8th Grade Recital

A few weeks back, Mother's Day weekend to be exact, my sister had her yearly dance recital. Since it was Mother's Day, I went to the rehearsal on Thursday & caught these stinking cute little bumble bee girls.

Haley's first dance was party of a large group number.

It's so hard to take pictures with all the movement in near dark conditions!

High school is next year & she wants to try out for the drill team in the fall.

2nd costume change- they reminded me of Irish River dancers during their tap routine.

Sadly, my sister was generally in the back or flying across the stage- too fast for me to catch.

There was one little boy there who was so cute!

I went backstage in between shows & didn't stay for the jazz routine, but caught them practicing their moves.

Then it was back to homework!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Friday finally :) Yet another busy weekend though- got my 9 mile run in this morning & ready for a Bellini tonight to cool off.

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