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Friday, August 22, 2008

Construction Continues

Things are humming right along since my last construction update in early May. This is the new BBQ joint, that I will likely have to smell every night once they get cooking.

It's taking them forever on this hotel- they started tearing down the trees last October. They have almost finished bricking the outside, and I'm sure fully finishing the inside will take several more months.

Next to the BBQ restaurant and new hotel, some office space looking buildings have literally popped up over night. Although I could see they were clearing more land, I was hoping it wouldn't' be something so obnoxious. The giant crane that is laying in front of the building has been upright & busy working the last week.

With tilt wall construction, they pour the concrete wall & then stand it up in place. You can make a lot of ugly buildings really quickly this way. :(

Also, just around the corner, a MASSIVE apartment complex is being built.

Just to give you an idea, below are a before & after aerial shot from Google Earth.

The pink spray paint is the new building behind my house. The 3 blue dots are the BBQ restaurant, hotel & office space. The red dot is now complete & is a medical building. The large green dot has been finished for a while, and is a Target, and they have added restaurants and shops on the main road at the green dot. The pink dot has been filled in with more retail space, and the orange blob is the area of the new apartment complex. I've highlighted the jogging path that Zoe & I take around the neighborhood parks several times a week.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Going to attempt to have an other picnic at the jazz concert tonight at Miller Outdoor theatre. Hopefully no rain this time.

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