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Friday, August 1, 2008

Haley & Volleyball

Last week, I substitute coached for my sister's summer-league volleyball team. We had practice on Monday night and a game on Friday night. Above, she's on the far right practicing her serve during warm-up.

Some of the girls have played a little bit, but a few girls have never played volleyball. Haley will be in the 7th grade this year, and she is hoping to make the school volleyball team.

She's really pretty good, if I do say so myself. ;)

The game didn't go so swell, because about half of our team can't get their serve over the neat most of the time. I have memories of when I played in 7th grade, and luckily I improved over the next 10 years.

I'm hoping to work with her more before school starts and the try-outs for the team. Just playing around with the ball made me really miss my old volleyball days.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Wine bar tonight with live music, friends and family.

1 comment:

Dennis the Vizsla said...

I played volleyball in college. We did okay, but we got crushed whenever we played this other team made up entirely of Asians ... they had wicked spikes!