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Monday, August 4, 2008

Ready to SCUBA

Last Monday night, H and I went to pick up all my SCUBA gear and sign up for my class. Now, H grew up diving with gear bought at flea markets, but he wanted to make sure I was super comfortable when diving & got me all the fancy stuff. My snorkel, fins and mask are all from Atomic Aquatics. The salesperson convinced us to upgrade to this particular snorkel, the SV1 because it will help me keep water out of my mouth.

The new (in the last decade....) trend in fins is the split fin, and I was totally suckered into buying these bad boys in the clear & blue variety. They are supposed to make swimming more effortless. I'm a great swimmer, but I'll take all the extra help I can get.

And, of the 32 types of mask, I picked the Atomic Vision framelesss pair that has a single pane instead of two separate panes. These fit well, and I liked the easy adjust mechanism for the strap.
Great family picture, eh?
Yesterday afternoon, we took all my new gear over to mom's house and got a little orientation session in her pool. H worked on defogging my mask and showing m a few tips for getting all my gear on and adjusted properly.

I swam around for a while, getting used to the snorkel and tightening my mask up. Zoe was not at all impressed with my snorkel ability and would chase me around the outside of the pool, constantly barking and warning of eminent danger.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I got lots of sleep this past weekend, hope I'm ready for class every night until 10:15 this week.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Wow, that's quite a pool your mom has! Looks like Zoe wants to get fitted up with her own scuba gear so she can go with you ...

Amanda said...

How cool! I love Zoe looking on :)

And too funny about the favorite book before I learned to read was on rocks, minerals, and gems because I loved the pictures :)

Purpletoes said...

Have fun learning to scuba dive! I'm certified but wish I could do it more often. I live in the northern midwest and am too big a wuss to cold water dive. I don't know anyone with a pool and practiced using my gear in the bathtub!

Rhonda said...

Where's Zoe's mask? LOL...cute pic!