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Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Leisure Time

This was a really fabulous movie, based on a true story, about an African-American college in the 1930's. Besides the historical and cultural backgrounds, it was neat to watch this team challenge stereotypes and break down barriers as they became national debate champions. Denzel Washington is such a great actor, and the movie was pretty close to historically accurate.

I'd added this movie to our Blockbuster list because I'd seen it described as one of the best western movies ever. I thought it would fit the requirement of our 101 List of watching classic movies. I HATED this movie for so many reasons. First, I'm NOT a Clint Eastwood fan. Second, I think I was too disturbed about how the initial confrontation escalated to the women making bad decisions and then all these people basically trying to track down and hill these men. Urgh...I think I will have to let H screen my movies on the list.

I really enjoyed this candid & frank discussion between these women as they explored stereotypes and many of their own insecurities with each other. It was very interesting to read about how they were each struggling with elements of their own faith, but in the end, were re-affirmed by learning about other people's faith. I'd highly recommend it to anybody wanting to learn how the three major world religions are similar and how they are different.

I really, really don't care for going to the movies, but it's my husband's favorite thing in the world to do. I try to compromise sometimes & he's so excited if we go to see something at the movies. A few weeks back we went to see Hancock, and I surprisingly enjoyed it. It started out a bit hokey, but I typically like watching Will Smith. It was a neat twist on the super-hero concept, except all the flying scenes made me a bit motion sick.
I've actually read a few other books since these, but I think they were so good that they deserve their own special posts coming up shortly. And we've been so engaged in watching the Olympics every night that we've seen very few movies either.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Zoe & I are off to the dog park again this morning to play with Ms. Ruby.

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Dennis the Vizsla said...

I also enjoyed "Hancock". I liked "Unforgiven", too, but it's an incredibly bleak film and I can understand your reaction to it. It's been called the "anti-Western".