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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tennis Ball Time

F-6152 by you.

Our New Year Play day at the park continued with some tennis balls.

F-6154 by you.

Mia can typically run faster & get there sooner, but she still usually differs to Zoe to pick up the ball.

F-6156 by you.

Then they both race back to me...

F-6159 by you.

We actually had two balls and Zoe managed to hoard them both.

F-6161 by you.

Love this action shot!

F-6163 by you.

Mia still pesters the heck out of Zoe as the run...

F-6164 by you.

...runs into her, cuts her off....

F-6172 by you.

We made Zoe sit while I threw the ball so Mia could bring it back.

F-6178 by you.

More water where it looks like there shouldn't be any.

F-6182 by you.

I threw the ball into a puddle to see what they would do- Zoe hits the brakes.

F-6185 by you.

And they eventually both go into the swamp.

F-6186 by you.

And Zoe is the winner again.

F-6188 by you.

But that doesn't stop Mia from causing a ruckus and trying to get the ball.

F-6199 by you.

Zoe just stands there and growls at her for a moment before running the ball back in.

F-6212 by you.

They are such a hoot to watch & I really need to get them to the park more often.

F-6217 by you.

I try to make H throw the ball- there's a really funny story about me trying to throw the ball & it going about 90 degrees the other direction. We were both dying laughing...

Photos taken January 1, 2010

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We went dancing last night- actual real live 2-stepping with my precious husband and my father!

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