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Friday, January 15, 2010

Park Playday

F-5988 by you.

We wanted to start the new year off on a good note, so we loaded up the dogs for Mia's 2nd trip to the dog park on New Year's Day.

F-5998 by you.

It was even muddier than before!

F-6002 by you.

Mia is a few months older & has gained a great deal of confidence- she was running around in no time.

F-6004 by you.

My little kangaroo Vizsla.

F-6008 by you.

This is probably the best photo I've got of her pointing. In the last 2 months, she really seems to be doing it much more.

F-6039 by you.

She's such a happy, bouncy puppy.

F-6045 by you.

There was even water in the grassy areas- not just the giant puddles.

F-6050 by you.

We tried to stay far away from them- the mud can splash and spray quite far.

F-6060 by you.

Typical dogs- Zoe is being all dainty & Mia is a wild child.

F-6067 by you.

I got so many great shots that I will need 3 days to blog them, but I think it's because the sun was high in the sky- unlike my late afternoon walks where the shadows are so harsh.

F-6068 by you.

Into the puddle...

F-6069 by you.

...out of the puddle with a splash.

F-6070 by you.

Hip-pity hop.

F-6080 by you.

Looking around at all the other furry dogs at the park, I was very thankful for my short-haired Vizslas.

Photos taken January 1, 2010 Mia ~6.5 months old

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: It's Friday of marathon week & my best friend Stephanie is coming to town to celebrate her birthday with me & pound the ground for 26.2 miles on Sunday.


Christy said...

Great pics!
I love the one of Zoe being all dainty and Mia running through the water like a mad woman. :D

Delilah and Rocket said...

Your in motion pictures are great. I still get fuzzy subject. I still need to figure out the settings when the dogs are running 100mph across the park.