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Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Eve 2009

I'm going to start the New Year off by getting caught up on blogging! We offered to have Christmas eve with my dad's family at our house this year to give my dad a much needed break.

Dad was supposed to have a break from hosting family parties this year, but Brenda's brother was sick & so Dad offered to have her family over at their house on Christmas Day.

Dad's sister from Brenham has 2 kids & I was glad they were both able to make it this year.

My uncle was telling a really funny story. I have some great memories of growing up & how he was the cool uncle (without kids at the time), so he's always play with us & do cool uncle things.

H's dad also came over for the evening, which was really nice to have more family.

I was a bit worried that the kids wouldn't have anything to do & the weather was awful outside, but they were quite entertained with the Wii.

My dad's older sister from Tacoma was in Austin with her daughters and grand baby, but it was good to see the other cousins.

The moms are all comparing notes on how to work their cell phones.

Grandma is doing really well, but Grandpa has been having more issues with his memory. Anytime you'd hold a camera up, he'd reach over and put his arm around grandma- it was too cute!

We went non-traditional and decided to have fajitas for dinner.

Hosting was pretty easy this year because we decided to have it catered. I can't imagine cooking for all these people!

All in all, we had a really wonderful Christmas Eve- it was great to visit with family and we felt very blessed that we could have everybody over to our house.

Grandma & Grandpa got to go up to Brenham for Christmas day to see their other daughter & their one and only great-grandchild.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: It's the first day of the new year & I think 2010 is shaping up to be another amazing year.

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