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Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009, Round 4

Christmas continued at my mom's house, which was our final stop of the season.

Gram has been doing really well lately & loved her leopard print shawl.

As usual, the dogs were increasing the madness level with their constant fighting over paper.

My mom bought me a super awesome wide angle lens for our big New Zealand trip.

My other prized gift- a Snuggie!

Close-up of the dogs fighting over the fox.

The girls must have just got in trouble to be sitting so well.

Too bad we didn't get a better picture, but this will have to do.

My mom was in good spirits and her eye is finally healing after 4 surgeries.

With both of our cameras, H and I were laughing at each other.

Somebody is about to get in trouble!

Mia is not supposed to be crawling around under the Dickens Village with all those cords!

Zoe was just happy to sit next to H...

Or next to John- wherever she could get some love.

H got lots of house stuff & tools that he wanted.

Zoe- getting even more loving!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: The New Year is off to a bang with my exciting things happening with old friends. ;)

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