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Thursday, January 14, 2010

2009 by the Numbers

As a blogging engineer, I am obligated to review the year in numbers. I had so much fun in 2007 & 2008, but I couldn't wait to see how this year stacked up to previous years.

According to my Lightroom count, I took 11,093 photos in 2009- which is surprisingly similar to the 11K in 2008. I have really neglected my camera this year, but the over 2500 photos of Mia and our 2,632 photos from our Africa trip helped everything average out for the year.

As for the blog- another successful year! 316 total posts, including 59 with Ms. Mia in the last half of the year & 46 posts covering our Africa trip to South Africa, Dubai, & Mauritius. I had a few more visitor and page views than last year.

On the running front- I think I made quite a bit of progress this year. The Garmin software wasn't too happy about switching over to my Mac, but I was able to do some manipulating of the data & I think I ran 1,251,397 meters, which equals 778 miles! That's 140 miles more than last year (640 miles), so I'm not sure if I believe that's correct.

It was a slower year at work and there were a few months that I had practically no travel, but I still made Platinum elite last year with 80 segments & 80,920 elite qualification miles on Continental airlines. I now have a little over 600,000 lifetime flight miles- working on a million!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We're taking Mia to her first Canine Good Citizen class tonight- I'm a bit worried about Ms. Wildthing!

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