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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rockets Game on NYE

The last night of the year I spent with family. H was gracious enough to get us suite tickets for my step-mom, brother and sister to see a Rockets game.

The game was great- but this big white guy doing stunts was hysterical.

Not to be shown up by a guy in a rat suit doing stunts...

The game was exciting & luckily, we won and no players required visits to the emergency room (like a few weeks before when we played the Dallas Mavericks).

The highlight for the kids was the cheerleaders' visit.

Not great shots- but not too awful with limited zoom and no flash.

One of our good friends was there also that night & her son had received this hat for Christmas and was wearing it everywhere. He kindly let me borrow it for a photo-op.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Off to Pittsburgh for work, the good part of that is I'm only working 1 day outside instead of 2 in the snow.

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