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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Preview

This year is lining up to be another stellar year. My business has picked back up & H is still doing very well. We're still toying with the idea of buying another house- of course, just after we got everything finished doing everything we wanted on our current house.


I'm a little behind on blogging & am half-way though January before I can get to this, but I'm running this Houston Marathon this weekend for the 7th time. My best friend from Florida is flying into celebrate her birthday & running it with me. I've already been to Pittsburgh for work, and I'm headed to Tulsa today. I've got work trips lined up to go to Oklahoma City, South Carolina, and Tennessee the next 4 weeks.


We will celebrate 3 wonderful years of marriage on February 11th. My favorite part of every year is our big trip! We leave for 2 weeks in New Zealand the last week of February & will be back after the first week of March.


Nothing on the calendar yet, but my brother will turn sweet 16.


Speaking of birthdays- I will celebrate the big 3-0 in April. I haven't finalized anything yet, but we'll have a big bash to celebrate both of our birthdays. I will be headed back to Detroit to present another paper & I've got a tentative work trip to Colorado & I'm going to hopefully parlay it into a long weekend to see my family & visit Coors Stadium.


Continuing the birthday celebrations, one of our friends turns 40 in May and is putting together a guys weekend in Las Vegas that might also shape up to be a bachelor party.


In June, the Houston Astros are playing the New York Yankees. We had so much fun in Chicago, we are thinking about heading up to New York to see new Mets stadium and new Yankee stadium while doing some sightseeing in the Big Apple.


More swimming with the pups!


We got nada planned except celebrating Mia's 1st birthday.


Maybe I'll finally get caught up with all the blogging that I'm so far behind on!


Going back to Puerto Vallarta for a wedding! H's best friend got engaged over the holidays & they are having a destination wedding. They loved PV & we are so excited to be going back. If all the plans fall into place, they will be having an amazing wedding.


Would love to go somewhere tropical with the family for Thanksgiving, but I it's just pure wishful thinking at this point.


If not a trip for Thanksgiving, H has been wanting to get to New York City for Christmas time. Not sure if we'd do 2 trips to NYC in one year, but if we don't get the baseball trip in, we might do the holidays.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Today is Zoe's 8th birthday! Hopefully I will get around to putting together a special (belated) birthday post.


Melissa-D said...

Greg is doing the Houston full too. I'm going to be there cheering him on, so I'll look for you as well! Good luck!

Christy said...

Good Luck on the Houston Marathon!
2010 looks like it's going to be a great year for you guys.