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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Texas Safari

Although this is a fantastic exhibit at the HMNS, this is *exactly* what you'd see if you took a Safari Adventure around my fabulous state. Many people that have never been to Texas expect cows & oil rigs in the desert. Given that the state is SO HUGE, we have an incredible diversity of geography and wildlife. For example, Houston is about an hour from the coast, of which we have a few hundred miles along the Gulf of Mexico. It makes for some great fishing, ask my dad, and lots of birds and other coastal animals.

Much of the inland coast can be swampy, like Brazos Bend, and house a variety of local wildlife, especially deer.

And of course there is our official state animal, the very curious looking Armadillo.

Going out towards the hill-country of Austin, we have some noticeable hills and small mountains. out in west Texas, near Big Bend, we even have some pretty large peaks. That's the area of Texas that is typically the dry, barren desert.

Much of East Texas is know for it's densely wooded forests of pine trees. There, you might see some beavers or raccoons.

And of course we have lions and zebras that freely roam the Texas valley. Just kidding- this is from the Africa exhibit, but it totally cracked me up. I'm hoping even if we go to Africa, we won't see this scene played out.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Going back to the museum today to visit the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit and see the IMAX Galapagos 3D.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello amanda its dennis the vizsla dog hay thoze ar verry intresting di .. dior ... verry intresting eksibits but ar yoo shoor they are compleetly correkt becuz i thawt all the animals in the mithical land of texas wore ten gallen hats ok bye

Christy said...

LOL I was thinking where the heck is she seeing lions and zebras in TX?! :D