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Friday, July 18, 2008

Missing Vizsla

This is so sad and heartbreaking! I don't know what I'd do if I lost Zoe, but I'm doing what I can to help this poor pup. Not sure if I have any readers in the Fort Lauderdale area, but feel free to forward my blog along to any friends or relatives that you might have in the area.

You can watch a super-sweet video slideshow here.
Brien and Linda need help finding their 6 month old vizsla pup Bodi. Bodi has been missing since June 28, 2008 at 7:30 pm and was last seen in Fort Lauderdale at AIA and Oakland Park Blvd. He is an intact male 6 month old puppy wearing a Green Collar, name tag and red rabies tag. His left eye is slightly darker and he has a small white patch on his chest.


Amanda said...

That is the saddest thing in the world. :(

Andrew Campbell said...

Thanks for coming by to see us, Amanda. And Zoe's progress in the pool was something of an inspiration to us.

I've thought about this issue for a while now -- and can't figure out whether to get our two boys micro-chipped or tattooed.

On the flipside, though, I'm wondering whether to get new collar tags made up for them that DONT have their names on them and just our phone # and 'REWARD' on it (so folks can't call their names and steal them).

One way or the other, it's sad to even think about losing our golden boys and girls.


Rocket said...

My heart goes out to these people. I got the post from a tip on the Yahoo Vizsla Talk Group. They think Bodi has been taken out of state. That's why that poster is so big. It's on BUSSES! going across Florida. I can't imagine what that cost. But then I'd do anything to find our Rocket.

Rocket is microchiped via Home Again and he has a few unique marks on him that only if you knew him well could you identify.

Wherever we go I'll be looking at other V's eyes to see if it's Bodi.