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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Garden Week 14

I know I skipped a week, but we were swamped and not much was happening. This past week though, the watermelons and cucumbers are really taking over everything.
The cucumbers are so interesting to watch grow. First there is a flower (it's the dead thing on the very end of the cucumber now).
Then it slowly starts to get bigger and bigger. We picked 3 more this week, bringing our total cucumbers over 10.

The watermelons are still coming along slowly but surely. You can see it's getting bigger, and there are about a half dozen little ones growing.

Mostly though, it's been pretty sad watching all the pest damage. I assume it's some type of worm that is really doing a number on the plants. This is a cucumber leaf, but they are really impacting the tomatoes.
Many of the tomato plants show signs of bugs and leaves disappearing overnight.

Some plants don't even have any leaves left on them. I've seen a few flowers on the tomato plants, but haven't seen any tomatoes actually starting to grow yet. I'm starting to doubt if we will have any tomatoes, despite our 15 plants.

The jalapeno plants are hanging in there. I think most of them are still living, but haven't grown one bit since I've planet them. They haven't died either, so we'll just keep on being patient.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Meeting with the handyman tonight to discuss doing the floor in my office.


Christy said...

your garden is looking good!

Amanda said...

I love your garden updates. I'd love to have a garden but we have no place outdoors. Thanks for the photos!