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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My 1 Year Blogiversary

I started this blog in earnest a year ago today! About 550 posts later and I'm addicted. I started blogging as a way to share my photos and journal my daily life. I've had so much fun meeting new blog friends, especially other Vizsla blogs.

I know some people don't *get* blogging or don't understand why I blog so much, but it's really for me. I think my incredibly awful memory fuels my desire to document my memories through photos and an online diary.

According to my statcounter, I'm averaging about 40-60 unique visitors each day from all over the world. Lots of people are checking out my GAP Adventure Review of our South America trip. I still get lots of activity and traffic on my travel posts and some early Lightroom blogs I posted when I was just beginning.

Waving to all the Canadians and Brits checking out the blog! Many are in search of GAP reviews since the company is very prominent there.
Thanks again to all my regular readers and those visitors that stop in occasionally, especially those that leave some wonderfully funny comments and stories. I hope to have another wonderful year full of great photos and tales of our newlywed adventures.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I'll be having some contests & a giveaway tomorrow, so come back bright and early!


Rocket said...

Excellent picture of you & hubby!

Congrats on 1 year of bloggery. That makes me need to check my "anniversary date".

Rocket is off to meet a girl tonight. A re-home/rescue. We might be adding an addtion to the family. We hope they like each other.

Amanda said...

Congratulations!!! I didn't know blogging could be so addicting either :)

Amanda said...

Congratulations!!! I didn't know blogging could be so addicting either :)

A Real Librarian said...

Congrats and happy anniversary!!!!!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Happy blog anniversary!

Christy said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! I don't know how you blog everyday, but I'm sure glad you do! :-)

Andrew Campbell said...

Happy Blogiversary, Amanda! Being relatively new to the pastime, as well, I've been pleasantly surprised by the things I didn't remember writing, too.

Nice Tahoe pics! I feel fortunate to have been up that way several times... and it is lovely. Truckee is a cool little town if you don't want to be right on the lake.

Keep on blogging.