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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Office Inspiration

I must confess that my desire for an aqua/teal and brown office was inspired by a pair of rugs. Now, I've had a thing for aqua since I planed my wedding, and I just can't seem to get past my love of the color. It must be the new pink ;)

The top rug is one of four from our hallway, and the one just above is the run from our bathroom.

I spent time at Home Depot gathering every color of blue/teal/aqua/turquoise I could lay my hands on, and then began agonizing over which ones. The actual one I chose was in the garage with all the supplies, but it's in the range of all of these above.

So- dark blue on the bottom with the white lattice and lighter blue on top. Currently, there is some hideous fake wood flooring in the room that will just have to go away very quickly. I intend to replace it with a dark shades of longer boards instead of squared.

I searched all over for just the right desk. I tried to get something smaller, but H talked me into the bigger corner desk. I decided to go with white to match all the trim work, and to complement the darker wood floors.

I also purchased a convertible lounger. It will be a great place to sit and read books or catch a quick nap. I'm hoping to get flooring to match this shade of wood and add some blue throw pillows to jazz it up a bit.

Finally (for now) I also picked up this matching drawer/table to set next to the lounge chair. It will be in white to match the desk, and will probably have a light for reading.

The only thing I'm undecided upon is what to do for shelving on the walls. I really liked this arrangement for wall shelves from the Container Store, with the white shelf tracks and the dark brown shelves.

Or this set/style, which has silver tracks with white boards. I'm so torn! Any thoughts or suggestions?

I'm super excited! I can't wait for it to all come together really soon!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We're headed to Austin to visit some friends today.

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