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Friday, July 11, 2008

South Africa Trip

For our "big trip" next year, we are hoping to go to South Africa. I've done quite a bit of Internet research & trip searching, but I'm still totally overwhelmed about what to see and where to go. I'd love some help from anybody who has suggestions or insider information about seeing this beautiful country.

For starters, I think we want to do about 10 days or so in South Africa. I *know* that's not nearly enough time, but that's really all the vacation time we can swing. Plus we are looking at about 4 full travel days just to get there and back. I'm thinking we'll start down south in Cape Town and work our way east.

Of course we are going to see the wildlife in Kruger National Park. I'm not adverse to spending a few days roughing it on a safari, but don't want to spend my whole vacation camping in the heat. ;)

I've heard wonderful things about Cape Town and the surrounding coast and valley. I'd love to explore some of the culture and history, followed with some yummy wine. We are looking at this Winelands and Wildlife tour, but are still researching all of our options.

We're also really hoping to squeeze some "island time" in at the end of our trip. The tiny island of Mauritius looks like paradise. A short few hour flight from Johannesburg, east of Madagascar into the Indian Ocean the beautiful mountains and pristine beaches look amazing.

One of the many reasons we are getting SCUBA certified next month is our hope to do a few dives in between naps on the beach. Our goal would be to spend about 4 days on this island, and there are a few direct flight back through Europe to go home.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Things we must see or do? Best time of year to go? We're aiming for May, June or July.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Just booked my ticket to meet Stephanie in Colorado for Labor Day weekend! Really good news- ticket was $200!


Dennis the Vizsla said...

I used to know a girl from Mauritius ... I've never been there, but I remember a thing in Last Chance to See (a Douglas Adams book) where he quotes a saying to the effect of "First God created heaven. That was for practice. Then He created Mauritius." So if you go I'll be looking forward to the pictures!

Amanda said...

Oh I'm sooo jealous! We've been wanting to go there too but I haven't done much research. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Christy said...

Oh wow, that'd be an awesome trip!
A girl on the boards recently went to Africa for their HM. Let me know if you would like her name, then you can page or email her!