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Friday, October 16, 2009

Regular Afternoon

Some afternoons in the summer, I wander over to mom's house to enjoy the pool. She has 2 hummingbird feeders that attract several very entertaining birds. They are funny and very aggressive little birds who put on quite a show with their antics and fighting.

John takes a little dip into the pool. He has lost30+ (maybe 40?) pounds since the beginning of the year and is doing so awesome.

Much easier to photograph when they stop flying!

My parent's backyard is a goldmine for dogs looking for ways to get in trouble and finding things to explore.

Mia loves being over there and hanging out with new people and chasing the lizards/bugs/birds in the yard.

Photos taken September 26, 2009 Mia ~3.5 months old

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Cancelled our camping trip this weekend even though the weather is going to be awesome (hello 50's!) so we can rest after a very long week and get ready for next weekend's company.

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