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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dubai Souqs and Mall

One of the reasons Dubai is popular with Euro-travelers is the beautiful beaches & amazing shopping. Although the waters are gorgeous & the sand is beautiful, I can't really imagine anything enjoyable about hanging out in 110 degree weather. You know it's hot when it's too hot to go to the beach!

We drove down to the Burj al Arab hotel- the most famous hotel in Dubai that resembles the sail and it ultra-luxury.

After our tour of the Fort, we took a water taxi across Dubai Creek to reach the Souqs (markets). Normally 20-30 people would hop on each of these and pay 1D, but our guide required we take a private ride about 100 yards down the river to the other side.

The water was so clean & blue (at least compared to most city rivers/canals) & the waterfront was a bustling place with lots of activity.

Being on the Arabian Gulf, fishing and pearl diving were two popular trades before the oil and investment markets took over Dubai.

I really enjoy checking out different countries markets. I think it's a great way to experience a little bit of local culture. I'm still amazed that life works this way & I imagine they'd be surprised if they came to tour our Walmarts.

This reminded me I need to work on my cooking- there are so many things to add to food besides salt & pepper! :) I loved all the smells and colors and textures that were available.

We're such sheltered, city-people and saw many things we'd never seen before- such at that blue stuff is indigo.

There were beautiful little mosques tucked into the city that were a great surprise to find on our journey.

After the spice souq, we headed over to the gold souq. As a major trading port between Asia and Europe, Dubai developed quite an extensive gold collection.

These displays are just a few of the hundreds that we saw, each with different bracelets, earrings, necklaces and gold belts.

We were told that for some of the more expensive pieces, people would negotiate for days over the final price. I HATE negotiating, and I'm horrible at it!

Our half-day city tour ended here, but our guide was kind enough to drop us off at the Mall of the Emirate, a gigantic mall for sure, but nothing compared to the Dubai Mall.

We wanted to grab lunch, see the indoor ski slopes and pick up an adaptor for our laptop.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: All caught up visiting with my mom & H's mom, and now a day to catch up on our house chores.


Christy said...

Beautiful beaches, but yeah 110 is way too hot to enjoy it.
Cool water taxis.
Amazing gold!
Awesome indoor ski slope.

Fidha said...

no shutup christy i like the od transport