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Friday, June 12, 2009

Atlantis Hotel Dubai

Our first stop on our city tour of Dubai was the Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Jumeirah. We wanted to go out on one of the biggest and most unusual man-made islands in the world, and to see the giant-ness of the newly opened mega-hotel & resort.

The Atlantis Hotel has only been open a few months, but is already wildly popular with European families.

Although mega-hotels typically aren't our type of thing, this monstrous site was worth a trip to the top of the palm to see a central piece of Dubai in all of its excess.

These front doors were HUGE and beautiful, and I'm sure ridiculously expensive and heavy. Nothing like entering in style!

The centerpiece of the entrance is this GIANT hand made glass sculpture from Murano Italy that consists of hundreds of glass snakes all inter-twined into a beautiful piece of art, all surrounded by even bigger pine cone/sea type of sculptures.

The pool area looked amazing, and has a great view over the island and back towards the Dubai skyline.

Seriously -waterfall, sculptures and art...

See all the clam shell water falls? The marble floor? The pure opulence of the reception?

The top of the entry was a beautiful hand-painted mural that told the ancient legend of Atlantis.

We stared walking down one of the wings & were just blown away by the beautiful restaurants and SUPER high-end retail shops that filled the hotel.

And then....we arrived at the stunning aquarium! All the wreckage is supposed to reflect the lost city theme.

I couldn't believe all the fish and larger animals that they had in the aquarium.

Yea- that's a whale!
Yea- that's also a bunch of sharks with him!

It was neat to "tour" this hotel & drive out on the Palm, and we soon realized that the hotel was the epitome of everything "New Dubai"- huge, ornate, expensive, over-the-top and excessive. The funny thing is that it's supposed to be a fraction of the size of the Atlantis Bahamas. This made H want to go even more & made me vow to never go even more!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Back on the running program after slacking while on vacation- did 9 miles this morning!


Christy said...

WOW! That place looks amazing.
9 miles?! Geez.

Anthony said...

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