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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hout Bay

On of the first places we encountered on our trip around the Peninsula was Hout Bay, a quaint little seaside village.

The marina was very nice, and there were several tour companies taking short boating excursions out into the bay & ocean, including some seal tours.

I think that is Chapman's Peak behind H. After a quick snack and souvenir stop at the harbour, we headed off to drive down the rode that winds along the coast in the background.

I loved the beautiful views along Chapman's Peak Drive- everything was so green & lush.

I loved these big boulders, especially the sound of the waves crashing against them.

Hout Bay itself was just gorgeous- surrounded by beautiful blue water and stunning green mountains. See on the right side at the saddle (lowest point) of the mountains, that white area? It was sand that was washed over the mountains during the last ice age.

H was already sporting his new South Africa shirt & we enjoyed the amazing weather as we took in the scenery.

It's really my favorite thing on earth when there is a big giant mountain next to the ocean. I guess I should start working on that Hawaii trip ;)

Unfortunatly, the road was closed all the way through because of some landslides & dangerous rocks, but we enjoyed the drive that we did get to see.

There are supposedly tons of seals living on those rocks that we could have seen if we'd taken a little seal tour.

Looking around the bend, past where the road was closed, we could see Slangkop Lighthouse. We end our day at sunset, after making a figure-8 on the peninsula, with a great sunset view of that same lighthouse but from the South side. See the large red & white crane working on the road?

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I wish we could have stayed & picnicked out there, but we had to move on to bigger and better things.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Hubby is getting to go see Eric Clapton tonight.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Gorgeous pictures as per usual! Hmm, I am guessing you would also like Catalina Island.

Emily said...

Thanks for all the great South Africa photos. Found your site using a blog search tool. We're headed to SA in August. Capetown, safari and wine country. I can't wait.

maya said...

I grew up in Hout Bay. My bf recently came out from London and I brought him to Hout Bay. He was very impressed and I was terribly proud to show off my home village!