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Friday, June 26, 2009

Cruising the Coast

Continuing our tour, we drove down South and headed over to the east coast of the cape. This cute little town is called Kalk Bay, a smaller portion of False Bay.

I could stare at this view all day & watch the waves roll in below the foggy mountains.

There was a neat old train that still runs up and down to coast to all the beach-side towns.

We continued south along the beautiful coast and stopped for lunch in Simon's Town. This cool restaurant had a completely glass front & was sitting out over the edge of the rocks.

During high tide, the waves would crash up on the rocks, very near to the windows. We even saw a few dolphins out swimming while we enjoyed such yummy things as....

...more fresh seafood with tasty avocado.

Our next stop was the Simon's Town Penguin Colony, which is the 2nd largest penguin colony in ZA. They put these plastic tubs out to give them some nesting space.

They were really adorable & the boardwalks out over the sand dunes let you get very close to them.

They were all out sunning themselves in the late afternoon on these huge boulders.

We saw quite a few baby penguins.

They were so funny all moving around, waddling, wandering, and just being silly with each other.

This little town was so picturesque with it's beautiful painted homes on the shoreline.

I kept waiting for one of them to hit the water and take a swim, but I had no such luck. I guess they must feed in the early mornings or later in the evenings.

Apparently, South Africa has a fairly decent sized Navy. I guess with their miles of coastline and very prominent position on the tip of Africa, it makes sense. And yea, please ignore that dust spot on my really needs to be cleaned, especially after that little drop in the desert.

More beautiful green mountains on our way down to Cape Point. I'll save all my Cape of Good Hope & Cape Point photos for another post, and I'll finish up this post with some photos of our trip back north towards Cape Town.

Caught the setting sun reflecting brilliant colors off these rocks.

We were treated to another gorgeous sunset as we drove up the Pacific side of the Cape.

Sorry for the blur, but I loved how the light illuminated the roadway through these glorious, old trees.

And we ended our long day after sunset by driving back by Slangkop Lighthouse.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: My best friend arrives in a few hours & we're headed up to the Texas Hill Country to explore some wineries this weekend.


Amanda said...

O my gosh those photos are beautiful! Sigh...can I move there?

Christy said...

What a beautiful little town!