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Monday, June 29, 2009

Gorgeous Gals

A short break from Cape Town photos before we return to our last day exploring the vineyards of the Cape. Back in May, I decided to have a professional photographer take some photos of the gals- me, mom, Gram & Zoe.

Things didn't work out so well, and Gram wasn't able to make the walk back to the photo location. We were able to take a few photos in the parking lot & this one came out great.

Unfortunately, we didn't really get any great shots of the 3 of us together. This is the best we could do & it was after I'd played a mean joked on mom & Gram- I told them I was pregnant! They gave me a dirty look when I told them I was only joking.

I did end up with a few nice photos of Zoe & I that I really like. I have so many photos of her & lots of pics with her and other people.

Yes, there were many treats involved in this elaborate photo shoot.

We were outdoors & there were all kids of birds and things for Zoe to check out.

She really wanted that carrot that I had!

It was HOT and I loved this picture of the tongue hanging out!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: It's a 4-day work week & I'm off to California this morning to work.