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Monday, June 22, 2009

Table Mountain

Everything in Cape Town is over-shadowed by the glorious Table Mountain. Although it was shrouded in clouds on our first day, it made a beautiful appearance on our second tour day. The little gray blob in the middle is the base of the cable car & you can see the top of the car sitting perilously on the edge of the cliff at the very top.

Each of the 2 cars holds 65 people & has a revolving floor, so that everybody gets a 360 degree view as you ascend over 3,500 feet to the top of the mountain.

The early morning sun bathed the mountain in a beautiful, warm light.

This is the view from the bottom-

And this is the view from the top! I can barely see the cable car station!

Although there were some very steep & sheer cliff faces, there was a hiking trail and watched a few tiny "ant" people making their way up the mountain.

That little peak down there (it's really quite large) is called Lions Head, and it appears like a lion with his backbone running down towards the water at Signal hill.

If you use your imagination can you see a sphinx-like lion head?

The top of the mountain was really spectacular. You could see for miles in every direciton & it was just stunning. There were lots of really nice paved trails & lookout points to enjoy the view.

We could see waaaay down the coast & towards where we'd be driving later in the day, including this great old lighthouse.

There was a small restaurant & I'd loved to have been able to stay for a few hours or perhaps even watch the sunset, but we were squeezing this in our peninsula tour day.

You could see various bays and cities tucked in between the giant mountains peaks on the horizon.

It was pretty chilly up there, but sun warmed up right up. I think if I lived in Cape Town, I'd be up on the mountain at least once a week enjoying the view.

Just cause I can't resist putting up a picture of my hottie hubby in such a beautiful place!

Although the mountain was nice and clear that morning, there was a pretty good layer of marine fog over the city.

It made for a very sureal and errie sight as the sun reflected off the fog across the bay and into the far mountains.

This is the best shot I took of downtown Cape Town & I think that's the Company Gardens over on the left side.

This little mini-mountain was steep & really skinny.

If I were to do it over again, I'd make our tour so we could spend a few hours atop the moutain- exploring and enjoing the views. At least we had one clear day- I can't imagine going all the way to South Africa and missing the beautiy of Table Mountain.

And back down the mountain we go....I really can't imagine waking up to this every morning or having it in my backyard.

From our hotel breakfast room, I could sit and enjoy the mountain every morning.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Another 4-day work week & my best friend comes to town on Friday!

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Christy said...

Beautiful pics! There is no way I could get my hubby up there...he hates cable cars. haha