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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nearly Another Tree Tragedy

The one thing loyal blog readers know is I *LOVE* trees. I especially love my own all the more, so I was about to cry when I woke up Saturday morning around 7AM. The wind was still howling outside & I peeked out the window to see my beloved oak tree blown over!

I was really hoping that we can just set it back up and stake it out since the whole root ball didn't come up out of the ground. Tuesday afternoon, H & I set out on our own attempt to repair the damage.

A trip to RCW for some pole & straps, plus borrowing a come-along from the office to get us started. After a slow and very heavy process, we lifted the tree inch by inch.

We were able to get it about 15 degrees from vertical, but couldn't move it any further upright. We also didn't have the tools to properly secure it in any permanent fashion.

We did use the opportunity to cut some limbs off and take a little weight off the tree. However, our homemade tree-fixin' didn't last through the night. The stake came out of the ground, and the tree toppled back over onto our wax myrtle in the corner.

Luckily, I'd been in contact with RCW Nursery since I was trying to purchase supplies. I was able to get on their "tree rescue" list, and they sent a crew out by the house on Thursday to do a professional job saving the tree.

It's secured with 3 great sturdy stake in the ground, and I'm so happy again! None of the leaves have started turning yellow, so I think that the tree will make a full recovery.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: It's been a great weekend of relaxing and recovering from Storm Week 2008.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Yay for the tree rescue!

Crystal said...

Thank goodness! We have one that is dead and needs to be taken down, when I went to look at it, it has a small oak growing right next to it. Where one life ends, another begins!

Delilah and Rocket said...

WOO-HOO! You saved Mr. Tree. Wish we were closer hubby has lots of big boy stuff in the garage that could have got this job done in lickity split time.