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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Few More From Ike

A few more just stunning images, I had to share them. I'm hearing a great deal about how the coastline & beach front will be re-shaped after the storm. Some residents are being told it will be a year before they know the final "dune" areas and which homes will be condemned because they are now too close to the water.
A great deal of Boliver Island and areas East of Galveston Bay were agricultural in nature or swamp lands. I've heard there are dozens of square miles of debris filled with dead animals, snakes and alligators. The debris fields washed as far inland as 6 miles.

I wonder if some of these were also on the roadway, but had been cleared to the side by work crews.

This was Friday morning on the Seawall- about 12-18 hours before the storm would hit & the waters had already risen dramatically. Many people had planned to evacuate on Friday morning, but they were already trapped by high water before 7AM.

All these ships sitting out in the Gulf, waiting for Galveston Ba & the Ship Channel to re-open. My mom is responsible for the shipping logistics for one of the large oil companies in Houston. She was telling me that each day that each ship sits out there costs tens of thousands of dollars.

I think this was another pre-storm photo, I'm assuming sometime Friday afternoon before all the helicopters were grounded.
GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Although there have been some deaths from Hurricane Ike, the count remains surprisingly low.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

I'm guessing that blue structure is either gone or on the list of buildings that are being condemned ...

Crystal said...