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Monday, September 29, 2008

Voter Education & Resources

We are 36 days away from one of the most important presidential elections in the history of our country. I wanted to help out my readers by giving them some great websites to help them get involved, register to vote, learn about the issue, find the truth in all the spin and pick a candidate.

Vote Help is an incredibly useful tool to learn all about the candidates- it lists out 10 major issues with varying degrees of agreement or disagreement. It also lets you rank which issues are most important, because many people have various issues that they can agree with both candidates. It then shows you with light & dark, red & green how McCain and Obama match up with your views.

Although voter registration deadlines vary by state, we are quickly coming up on the 30 days deadline, which is common in many states. You can also register to vote by filling out the form at JustVote. You can also just Google

Snopes is also a wonderful website to debunk all those awful email forwards you get. Just about anytime something is sent in an email forward, I can guarantee you that some of it is false or misleading. Snopes is the go-to website for the truth when the rumor mill gets going. Even beyond the political season, snopes sets the record straight for many other urban legends, so be sure to bookmark it.

Want to know who is telling the truth and when they've stretched the facts? Fact Check is a great website that keeps tabs on both candidates for distortions of the truth or exaggerations. They do a great job of keeping things very current, and it is especially helpful after a debate to read their analysis. They provide a nice brief summary followed by an extensive explanation with sources & citations.

Real Clear Politics has some of the best summary of all the polls out there. The latest average of national polls can be found here. More importantly are the individual state polls, especially in the battleground states, that will determine the electoral college votes. Here's a great place to track of the state by state polls.

The next 6 weeks are going to be rowdy & wild as this campaign season has already been one for the history books. So many twists & turns every day, surprises on the evening news and such serious issues as the economy & the wars. Please make sure you are doing your civic duty & exercising your right to vote. So many people have given their life for our freedoms, making an informed, educated vote is the least we can do for our country.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: H comes home today!

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Dennis the Vizsla said...

Interesting, I never heard of the realclearpolitics site. I usually go to I will have to check it out! And it's always a good idea to check out Snopes before forwarding on dubious e-mails!