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Friday, February 19, 2010

Sticks & Dogs

I love weekends when we can take the dogs to the park together because I get to take the big camera out for some better shots.

Mia is doing much better about not running INTO Zoe or charging full speed ahead AT her...they run beside each other now, Mia still occasionally barking and lunging at Zoe.

Dueling ears!

She runs like a maniac out there!

They have both really been into sticks lately, so I really like finding good ones to throw.

Mia is still quite the bouncer- she gets several feet of air sometimes.

Zoe usually wins the stick toss and Mia is just happy to run round chasing her.

They will both sit for about half of a second before launch.

Great form if I do say so myself...

I love the little bow-pose that both dogs do when anticipating something exciting.

Mia finally got the stick.

These GIF animations crack me up & are tons of fun.

Photos taken February 6, 2010 Mia 8 months old

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: 17 days of vacation!

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