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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cork Wine Bar Downtown

A few weeks ago, before the Rockets game, we stopped off at a new wine bar downtown. This new area has some great restaurants and some fun things including the House of Blues & Lucky Strike Lanes (an adult only bowling alley).

Now, this is not the Cork Cafe on the northwest side of town or the Corkscrew off Washington Ave nor is it the Cork Wine bar in Webster, but a new wine bar without an imaginative name or any presence on Google search/Yelp/facebook etc.

We'd always wished there was a wine bar downtown & were excited to check this place out. They are in a great location & had only opened mid-January.

The bar is huge & the decorating is really nice. There are lounge areas in the front & back with comfy couches and tables.

The high ceilings are great & the floor to ceiling windows are great for watching all the people out on the town for the night.

This is about half of the back lounge area & they keep the lights down low for ambiance.

We enjoyed a bottle & a nice snack tray that had some good cheese and bites.

There is a big bar area with TV's for the guys.

Overall, I really liked the setup and hope they do well here. We spoke with a few people who were managers/owners & wished them well. They had a rather limited wine menu to get started, but were hoping to expand it shortly.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We're buying a new house! Negotiating is done, contract is signed, inspections are scheduled and a closing date is on the calendar....

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